What Does a Chamber Do: Visibility

August 9, 2022

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YOUR Union County Chamber champions business growth and business prosperity throughout Union County. With over nearly 600 members, we realize there are many reasons for joining the Chamber and a wide variety of ways we can champion such a diverse membership. 

This is part 2 in a series on how we are working every day to create a thriving business community across Union County. Read on to learn how YOUR Chamber can increase the visibility of your organization.


At the Chamber, we know it’s hard to balance all the demands of your time and attention.

That’s why we’re committed to giving you services to grow your visibility, to make you famous in the community, and to give you better connections that will save you time and money.

Gain visibility without trading your time and be supported by the most influential people in the region.

Member Directory Listing


Once you join the Chamber, your organization’s listing goes live in the Membership Directory on our website. Our website has an incredible reach. For some of our member businesses, their listing on the Chamber site outranks their own in search results. In addition, customers will often search local Chamber websites when looking for businesses or services, as they consider Chamber membership to be a sign of a reputable, stable business. We often get calls from individuals in the community to find out if a business is a Chamber member.


We have over 15,000 followers across the Chamber’s social media sites. We use this reach to promote member businesses through regular posts that drive traffic back to the Member Directory Listing.

Cover of Union County Chamber 2022 Newcomers Guide


Membership in YOUR Union County Chamber provides your organization with opportunities for additional exposure. Raise awareness of your business through advertising opportunities on the Chamber website. We place advertising for members on the most viewed pages, ensuring more potential customers will see it. You can reach out to Business Development Manager Phillip Faust to learn more about the website ad opportunities.

YOUR Chamber also produces an annual newcomers guide that features advertising from member organizations. We distribute thousands of printed copies throughout the region to high-impact businesses, including:

      • » Banks
      • » Real Estate Agents
      • » Hotels
      • » Healthcare Offices
      • » Visitor’s Centers
      • » And More

We publish a digital version on the homepage of our website and promote it on social media. Advertisers who purchase a 1/2-page ad or larger also receive an individual social media post.


Finally, you can raise the profile of your business in our community by sponsoring a Union County Chamber event. From events like the Annual Gala which attracts over 500 attendees from across the county, to more focused events that draw specific audiences such as Small Business Breakfasts and Public Policy luncheons, we can help you find the prospects you want to get in front of. In addition, we have a variety of sponsorship opportunities to fit your marketing needs. You can contact Phillip to learn more.

YOUR Chamber is proud to promote member businesses and organizations across the county and increase your visibility in the area. Stay tuned for part 3 of this series where we dig into how we can help you increase your influence in the community.

Last modified: June 11, 2024

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