Shop Union County

What is “Shop Union County?”

Shop Union County is a Chamber initiative to raise the awareness of Union County residents about the importance of shopping locally whenever possible. Shop Union County Sales tax dollars are very important to our children and families. Many people don’t realize just how important.

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  • More than $25 million in sales tax dollars leave Union County each year.
  • These sales tax dollars, if spent in Union County, would have supported local schools, enhanced services such as emergency services and helped keep property taxes low.
  • Many products cost less in Union County due to lower retail rents and wages.
  • Union County’s sales tax rate is 1 % lower than in neighboring Mecklenburg County so you end up paying less for an item purchased at the same retail price.
  • Paying sales tax on products bought in Mecklenburg actually help support schools in Mecklenburg rather than here at home.
  • Shopping with local merchants enhances their ability to grow their businesses and diversify their inventories to better serve you. Shopping locally uses less gas and helps our environment by helping reduce air pollution. Continued air pollution in our region is putting federal highway funds used for road improvements in jeopardy.