Rech Law Union Practicing Family Law in Union County

October 30, 2022

Rech Law Union County Office

“I think that the best moments in family law typically deal with children. Helping people who haven’t been able to see their child for a really long time. I think seeing them get their child back for the first time is probably one of the most rewarding moments in family law.”

Katie Gilbert is the Partner Attorney at Rech Law Union, located at 200 East Franklin St. in Monroe. Rech Law was founded in 2010 by Kate Rech and the Union County office was opened in April of 2022.

“Union County is up and coming. We were already practicing in the county, but we wanted to put a footprint here to be more accessible to our Union County Clients,” shared Director of Operations, Katherine Ackerly.

“We chose downtown Monroe because it is close to the courthouse. I also love how Monroe is growing and expanding and becoming more vibrant. We wanted to be in on that fun too,” added Gilbert. “We also love that we were able to move into a historical building with lots of character.”

About Rech Law

Rech Law is best known as a family law practice. Their primary areas of practice are divorce, child custody, child support, equitable distribution, and alimony. They also do simple estate planning including:

      • » Living wills
      • » Last Will and Testaments
      • » Durable Powers of Attorney
      • » Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Partner Attorney Katie Gilbert has been practicing law for eight years and worked for seven years as a paralegal before going to law school. She has been with Rech Law for over six years.

Rech Law Union office

What Clients Can Expect

The first step for clients of Rech Law is a one-on-one consultation with an attorney.

Gilbert explains, “We go over the case and map out a high-level plan in that consultation. I think a big part of that meeting is also for the client to determine if we are a good fit for them.  Family Law can deal with very personal and sensitive aspects of life. We have a variety of attorneys with different personalities and styles so clients can find a good fit for them in our office and we can tailor our representation to what the client wants.”

“That point is important for us. We know there are other law firms in the area that are equally qualified. So we make sure we are serving our clients compassionately and giving the best advice when working for them,” said Ackerly. “We’re excited to be in Union County. We’ve had the opportunity to sponsor the Union County Back to School Bash and are looking forward to getting out to meet the community more.”

What Celebrity Spokesperson Would You Choose for Rech Law Union?

When asked, “what celebrity spokesperson would you choose for Rech Law Union?”, Gilbert and Ackerly agreed, “Harry Potter. First off, several of us are big Potter fans in the office, and Katie’s office is donned with a Luna Lovejoy poster that says “Wit beyond measure is Man’s greatest treasure.” Harry Potter is loyal, fierce, competitive, humble, and honorable, all characteristics we strive for as a firm”.

Last modified: December 19, 2022

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