ProLift Garage Doors of Southeast Charlotte is Focused on Dependability in Union County

August 28, 2023

ProLift Garage Doors of Southeast Charlotte team

“For many people, your garage door is your front door. So, you want somebody trustworthy, someone that’s dependable and you can count on who is close by in case something happens.”

About ProLift Garage Door of Southeast Charlotte

Rocky D’Alessandro started ProLift Garage Doors of Southeast Charlotte with his father after 20 years working in financial services.

“I got to the point where I wanted to do something to support my community. My father had recently retired, and we got together and decided that we wanted to start a premier services garage door franchise where we do garage door installation and repair.

The territory that we service is also the community where we live. I love to be able to provide this service to my neighbors.

We offer a variety of services, including garage door installation, where obviously we remove the old one and install a new one. And we also have a service club membership.  Customers can sign up and we will come out twice per year to make sure everything’s tuned up and working properly. If something does break or there is another issue, there’s a discount for the service club membership. We will service residential and commercial garage doors for anyone who is looking for someone dependable.”

What Customers Can Expect

“We have a great, trustworthy team. I started the business with my father Drew, an Army veteran. I try to get to as many jobs as possible to meet clients and be there for an extra hand. 

Rocky D'Alessandro

We have multiple technicians for the repair and the installation.  We always try to be there same day if possible and repair the same day if possible.  It’s no fun when you’re trying to get to work, to the airport, or to the beach, and your automobile is stuck in the garage.

Our wonderful technicians are led by Brad Morgoch. With over 5 years in the industry and a construction background, Brad is capable of doing any job. Edgar Varamontes leads installation in conjunction with our crew. Our highly qualified team members are the backbone of the company and will do whatever it takes to provide excellent service for our customers.

Drew D'AlessandroRecently, we had an installation that took about eight hours. It was a retrofit and an old house where nothing was plumb, nothing was aligned. So, we had to put on our contractor hat, and at one point chisel away a little bit of the lip going into the garage so everything could function properly. That one threw us for a little loop, but we got it done and it looked beautiful.

Serving our community is important to us. We look for opportunities to serve. For example, we Brad Morgocy recently partnered with the Waxhaw Fire Department to sponsor a safety magnet board with home safety information. I make and sell patent-pending skateboard lights and the proceeds have been donated to Shred Foundation.”

Who would be your dream celebrity spokesperson for ProLift Garage Doors of Southeast Charlotte?

“I’ve always loved Robert Irvine; his compassion, his dedication to perfection, to fitness and health, and to mental clarity, kindness, and compassion.”

Last modified: October 5, 2023

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