Nothing Bundt Cakes Monroe Spreads Joy One Cake at a Time

November 6, 2023

various cakes on the counter from Nothing Bundt Cakes

“We spread joy is what we do. That is Nothing Bundt Cakes’ motto: spreading joy, one cake at a time. Nobody is angry when they are coming in to buy a cake.”

Betsy Lamb owns Nothing Bundt Cakes locations in Marvin and Monroe. Her path to becoming a small business owner started from a unique place, as she shares.

About Nothing Bundt Cakes Monroe

Mainly for me, it is kind of a vehicle so I can give back. My husband and I have been involved in a charitable organization in Africa for over a decade called Ordinary Hero. We sponsor families and children and work with a couple of the orphanages over there. I started working in a multi-level marketing company to be able to give from the money I earned. Then, my brother started a Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise in Wilmington, and I saw how great that business was, then I learned there was one available in Marvin, close to my home. My wheels started turning again.  I thought, if I could help some with my side-hustle multi-level marketing job, what could I do with something even bigger?

Then I had the opportunity to open a location in Monroe.  I joined the Chamber after opening Marvin. I visited a lot of networking groups and Chambers. But the minute I walked in to the Union County Chamber, I knew, these are real people. These are the people I want to be around. And so that’s why I chose Monroe. I knew it was having a revitalization, and that it was somewhere we wanted to spread joy. And it was another opportunity to expand, and have more to give.

I have become very close to my staff. I feel a huge responsibility to take care of my staff. They’re reliant on a job, and I want them to have the best working experience they could possibly have working in a bakery.  It can be scary and risky. There’s not a lot of comfort in owning your own business. But, you know, you got one life, you don’t have a sequel.

Crowd at Nothing Bundt Cakes Monroe Ribbon Cutting

What customers can expect at Nothing Bundt Cakes

You can expect to have a pleasant experience getting your cake and an even more pleasant experience eating your cake and sharing your cake, our cakes are of really good quality.  One of my favorite things to do is to hand somebody their cake.  Say they’re picking one out for their daughter’s birthday, or upcoming corporate or family holiday parties, and when you hand them their cake, their face just lights up. You’re giving them joy, but you’re also getting joy back to be able to do that.

One time, I was at an office complex, and I saw a man with three kids get out of a car. I saw he was struggling with balloons and some other items he had, and he looked overwhelmed. I introduced myself and offered him some cake. It turns out, it was his wife’s birthday, and that was why he and the kids were at the office complex. They had come to celebrate her, but he hadn’t had time to get cake. He later wrote a letter letting us know how much that meant to him.

You never know what people’s days are like.  I’ve walked up to various office buildings and people don’t look very happy, but the minute you give them a bundt cake, you change their day.

We had a unique opportunity to spread joy during the Pandemic. Everybody was hurting. Everybody was in such a funk, scared, worried. I had to close the bakery for 2 weeks, but I still had cake. So, we decided to give it away, and we delivered to police departments, hospitals, many places to bring joy to those who were serving in that challenging time.

Who would you choose as a celebrity to represent Nothing Bundt Cakes?

I would choose Betty White. She was a Pioneer, talented, and filled with JOY!

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