The Longleaf Group Builds Community by Helping Home Buyers and Sellers

February 14, 2023

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“It’s definitely about helping people. It’s about meeting people and learning their stories and knowing what they are going through; really being a part of the community that we love. That’s why we love selling real estate.”

About the Longleaf Group

Amanda and Steve Jarrell founded The Longleaf Group along with Cathy Burns in 2023. Amanda Jarrell shares how community is at the heart of what they do.

“My husband and I have worked together for the last 10 years. We worked for a tech company that helped real estate agents market themselves and help their listings look better online. And in 2020, we sold the company and moved to Charlotte, and became real estate agents. We knew the industry. We knew the technical side of the industry. We knew the MLS and all of the marketing side. So it just made sense.”

The Jarrells work with buyers and sellers and have a special focus on those who are downsizing.

“We are really good at helping people who are downsizing or families whose kids have gone to school and they don’t need such a big house anymore. Maybe they want to stay in the area, in Union County. We work with a lot of families in that situation who need to sell their house and then also find somewhere smaller. And then we also work with people relocating. One of our clients now is moving here from South Africa.

In addition to that, we work well with first-time homebuyers who’ve been married for a few years and want to move out of the city into Union County or somewhere they have a little bit more space. We enjoy that also. It’s two very different ends of the spectrum but it’s kind of fun to see like the start of it and then kind of not the end of it, but you know, the middle of it.”

Homeowners celebrating new home

What Clients Can Expect

“What we do differently is focusing more on building real friendships and relationships with our clients. We want to work with good people. And we hope that people want to work with us because we’re good people. It’s so much more than buying or selling a house. We want it to be a resource for them, especially if it’s someone who is relocating, and they don’t know where to go for certain things. We want to be able to provide that for them and just be a source of information.”

Community is very important to the Jerrells, and they are grateful for the one they’ve found in Union County.

“We moved here specifically for the schools. It just made sense for us to build our business here as well. It was very important to us in moving wherever we ended up that we built community and had good relationships and good friendships. So, living and working and being all in the same place makes sense for us.”

They are connecting with the community in several ways.

“I just recently joined the Rotary Club of Waxhaw Weddington. I’m a member of the Chamber as of October. I’m a huge advocate for congenital heart defects. That was one of the things that my son was born with. He also has a rare genetic syndrome, so rare disease awareness. I am always just sharing that information with people. I am always bouncing back and forth between some kind of volunteering and looking for opportunities close to home with the heart community.

We want to be a part of this community. We’re super hard workers.  You get both my husband and me. We do want to make friends and have good relationships, but we also work hard to make sure that everybody is happy at the end of the day, either making the most money selling their house or getting a good deal when they buy one.”

What Celebrity Spokesperson Would You Choose for The Longleaf Group?

“Tom Hanks comes to mind because he is like America’s Dad. I think he could be fun-loving and a little corny, and nice to everyone. I feel like he’s the kind of guy who would have a conversation with you and be really into your conversation despite like not knowing you.”

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