Le Bar Beaute in Indian Trail Offers Renewed Sense of Confidence

June 23, 2023

Bed at Le Bar Beaute

“We specialize in personal self-care because we know the importance of helping women, and men, too, feel good about themselves.”

What does Le Bar Beaute offer?

Nicole Glasper started Le Bar Beaute in 2018 with her sister to help women with weight loss and self-care.

“We all need a little tweak here and there. We started the business to help with weight loss and help with the overall appearance for women. Our first clients were those getting aftercare following surgery like a tummy tuck or liposuction. My sister is a nurse, and we worked together in the business for about 3 years before I moved to North Carolina.Waiting area at Le Bar Beaute

I was working for a pharmaceutical company when COVID hit. Since I couldn’t travel for work, they let our whole team go. My sister and I then decided I should open a Le Bar Beaute location here. I got the training I needed and opened the location in Indian Trail nearly three years ago.

What can clients expect?

We use machines to help reduce the fatty areas of the body and help tighten skin. As women age, we lose elasticity in our skin. There are things we can do that can go along with building up the collagen in the skin that can help with the saggy appearance.

We started getting a lot of post-surgery clients. For example, sometimes your lymphatic can get blocked. It can cause pain, and patients need that fluid to move to where it needs to go. Or you may get bloated. We can do lymphatic drainage massages to help with that.

We also have a massage therapist here on staff that can do regular massages but can also do reflexology and cupping sessions.

Then, sometimes people don’t want to go under the knife. So, we have a non-invasive approach to help as well.”

Nicole Glasper Owner

While many of the clients at Le Bar Beaute are women, they see their fair share of male clients as well.

“Men come in mostly for the infrared sauna blanket experience or to do laser treatments. They come in for self-care, too.”

Nicole is proud of the service she and her team give to clients.

“I would encourage people to read our reviews. We have great clients and are grateful for their testimonials.”

If Le Bar Beaute could have anyone as a Celebrity Spokesperson, who would it be?

“Kim Kardashian without a doubt. Nobody else cares about outer appearance, confidence, and self-care more than she does.”

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