How The Tyson Group’s Legacy of Growth and Helps Build Union County

March 1, 2024

The Tyson Group Holiday Picnic

In the heart of Union County, The Tyson Group, a 54-year-old business continues to impact the community through development, philanthropy and community service. YOUR Chamber sat down with Christa Tyson, President of Sales for The Tyson Group to learn more.

A Multifaceted Approach to Development

The Tyson Group companies act as an umbrella, with several spokes including Ty-Parr Realty, LC Tyson Construction, and RMMC Inc.

Ty-Par Realty serves as the commercial realty arm. Parallel to this is LC Tyson Construction, a commercial construction entity that not only builds for The Tyson Group’s projects but also offers its services to outside clients. Their portfolio spans various sectors, from industrial buildings to medical offices, including the Metro Medical Campus.  Another critical component is RMMC, The Tyson Group’s property management company that primarily manages only the properties within their portfolio. This one-stop-shop approach simplifies processes, ensuring that each development receives the attention it deserves.

Olivia: A Legacy in the Making

30 years ago, my dad, Carlton Tyson bought land in Waxhaw. We thought he was crazy, purchasing that land in what was then a tiny town. But he had such vision. Now we are developing “Oliva” an approximately 590 -acre site including, medical offices, restaurants, retail and residential. The plan is for it to be a walkable woodland community that maintains the historic character of Waxhaw.

Renderings of the Tyson Group's Projects

Giving Back to the Community that’s Given So Much

Beyond bricks and mortar, The Tyson Group’s roots in Union County have fostered a deep connection to the community. Everyone knows each other here, and people are so good at referring businesses back and forth to help each other. And it’s just beautiful; you have rolling country parts, but then you have some city life and beautiful downtown areas.

We’re grateful to be able to give back to a community that has given us so much. We are very active in our Union County Chamber. Employees from the Tyson Group serve and have served on the boards of local nonprofits including the Council on Aging, Turning Point, and Victory Advantage.

We were also able to set aside 5 acres of the Olivia site in Waxhaw and donate it to South Piedmont Community College for a future project, and we’re very proud of the Tyson Center for Technology at SPCC, and our work with housing projects for Bridge to Recovery.

A Family Business that Goes Beyond Family

We are a family business, not just because it was started by my father and I work with my brother, Mark.  We have about 15 full-time employees who really are more like family. When my father passed, they stepped in and cared for us. We know each other’s families, and we have a lot of long-term employees. Some have been here for over 30 and 40 years.

My dad always believed that you want to leave things better than you found it. We know Union County is at a point where we have to better balance the commercial vs. residential tax ratio. We want to be responsible developers in helping grow a strong commercial base for the county.

Last modified: March 13, 2024

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