Passion to Help Inspires Founding of Omega In-Home Service, LLC

January 23, 2023

Omega In-Home Service Team

“I started Omega because of my passion for helping others! At one point in my life, I had to have an in-home nurse come out and assist me. My family had to cook my meals they had to help me get around on a daily basis. I felt through opening Omega, I would be able to show seniors, and others needing some type of assistance that it’s okay to have a little help.”

About Omega In-Home Service

Ryan Leak founded Omega In-Home Service, LLC after a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis interrupted her efforts to get into Nursing.

“I’ve always worked in healthcare. I started working in assisted living in the early 2000s. I was working on getting a medical assistant degree and wanted to go further. So, I started doing my prerequisites for nursing, I got my CNA, and was working on getting my nursing degree when I found out I had multiple sclerosis.”

Omega offers in-home care, or in-house aide service.  They are able to assist anyone who needs a caregiver CNA.

“We also offer a sitter or companion which is someone that doesn’t really need hands-on help, but they need someone there to make sure that they’re taking their medicine companion, someone that could maybe go to the store with them play a little game, drink coffee with the, We also provide respite service. If family members always care for their loved ones, they never get a break. They can call us and ask for rest service which could include someone staying with their loved one if they have to go out of town. We just started providing transportation for our Medicaid clients. And we have served a few veterans along with a wide variety of ages.”

Ryan and her team of 15 employees are proud to serve residents in Union County.

“I feel as though this Union County is home. I’ve grown up around here. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work here. I know a lot of church family here that needed help or knew someone who needed help, so it was just a high demand and Union County.”

Omega team at showcase

What Clients Can Expect

“We are a big family at Omega. I make sure to let everyone who signs on that line that they’re an employee Omega, or their client, that we’re all family. So we may get mad at each other, but at the end of the day we will come back together and support each other and our clients.”

That caring connection extends beyond employees at Omega.

“I didn’t start this agency just to help people that’s a senior or that disabled veteran. I wanted to help my community; help create jobs for people. I feel like that’s my passion, my destiny. We all have a purpose and mine is to help people because I once had to have someone to help me.”

What Celebrity Spokesperson Would You Choose for Omega In-Home Service?

“Michelle Obama because she is so down to earth, warm, and I feel like she doesn’t judge others. That would be awesome.”

Last modified: February 14, 2023

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