Element 4 Graphics Brings Joy and Ease to Making Signage and Promoting Businesses

December 5, 2022

Church doors with stained glass signs designed by Element 4 Graphics

“I got to a point where I was tired of relying on others to provide a job for me. So at that time, I listened to the advice of some friends and colleagues, and I decided to create my own job.”

Chad Greer started Element 4 Graphics in 2019. It is located in Indian Trail.  In 2018 he was laid off when the company where he’d worked for 8 years closed. He moved to a printing company and was laid off, again, just 8 months later.  Rather than let those setbacks defeat him, Chad struck out on his own, opening Element 4 Graphics in Union County. 

About Element 4 Graphics

Chad and his team make quality indoor and outdoor signs, banners, decals and more.
“We like to help our clients by making the buying process easy. For customers who are new business owners, they may not know what type of signage they need. They don’t know how to go about permitting the signage or what materials are best to use. We do anything and everything that we can do to make it easy for them so that they can really focus on their strategy versus the execution.”

Chad and his family moved to Union County for the schools and fell in love with the community. They opened their business in Indian Trail, and plan to expand it in Union County as well.

“We love the small-town feel. We love the area and the schools. We love serving Union County businesses, helping them promote themselves, even coming up with new ideas on things they can do to help promote their business.

What Clients Can Expect

Element 4 Graphics focusses mainly on signage and decals for commercial clients. However, one of Chad’s favorite memories was for an individual. “Right at the beginning of the pandemic, a woman reached out because her husband was coming home from the hospital after battling COVID-19. She wanted a welcome home banner for him. Within about 24 hours, we designed the banner we printed it and we actually went to their house and set it up in their front yard. It was rewarding to be part of his welcome home.”

Chad and his team pride themselves on finding creative solutions for clients.

“We had a customer who wanted a banner, and they wanted to be able to change out some verbiage on this banner. So we created a real simple clear pocket on the front of this banner so they can change out inserts with new information. I’ve never done it before. I’ve never seen anyone else do it but we got it done. They don’t have to purchase a new banner every time they want to change their verbiage.”

Juice Jam Doorway sign designed by Element 4 GraphicsChad is building his business as a legacy for his family as well. Therefore, sometimes, his projects are family affairs.

“My son likes to help me a lot with the business as well. He plays football for Porter Ridge Middle School. This year, the Porter Ridge School ordered yard signs from us. And my son got to create the yard signs for his football team. That’s ultimately the icing on the cake; that I’ll eventually be able to pass this down to my kids.”



What Celebrity Spokesperson Would You Choose for Element 4 Graphics?

“It was a toss-up but I landed on Will Ferrell.  We love comedy. We love to have a good time, smile, and laugh.  Ultimately that’s what life is all about.  Will Ferrell would do a tremendous job of highlighting how we bring joy to everything that we do and every interaction with our customers.”

Last modified: December 12, 2022

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