Build Your Business with Informative Updates!

Thank you for partnering with YOUR Union County Chamber. 


Receiving timely information is critical to making sound business decisions. As a member, you have access to exclusive emails and information to help you build your business. We understand that not all members have the same needs, so you have a choice of what information you want to receive from us. 



Your Chamber provides:

1. Weekly Emails with articles, videos, and other resources to help champion business growth and prosperity, along with the Chamber’s event schedule. 

2. Quarterly Updates sent once a quarter, highlighting YOUR membership at work.

3. Important Updates including, but not limited to major legislative updates, funding help, and other vital news for your organization. 

4. General Public Policy Updates with video updates sent weekly when the NC General Assembly is in session and periodically when they aren’t with updates on legislation affecting your business. (These video updates are included in the Weekly Emails as well.) 

5. Monthly Events Emails with a list of the Chamber events scheduled for the following month.