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Ambassador of the month: June & July 2014!


congratulations to Kelly Alling, Alling's Auto & Trick Repair


Kelly Alling, Alling's Auto & Truck Repair

1403 N. Rocky River Rd. | Monroe NC 28110

704.635.8024 | kjalling12@gmail.com | www.AllinsAutoRepair.com


What are some exciting things happening in your business right now?


We are getting ready to expand our business by adding on two bays to our existing building. After that we will be looking to hire another mechanic. We have been very fortunate to have our business grow so quickly that we outgrew our space!


What have you done this summer for fun?


This has been a crazy summer! Our daughter graduated high school in June and is getting ready to go off to college. Between graduation parties, entertaining out-of-town family and shopping for college - we have not had a chance to get away this summer. In the fall we plan on taking some motorcycle rides to finally see the NC Mountains and beaches we hear all about.


If you met a new Chamber member and they were interested in becoming an Ambassador, what is the one thing that you could share with them about your experience?


I often hear a new member tell me how they are a little shy about meeting and talking with new people. Becoming an Ambassador has pushed me outside my "shy comfort zone". I now look forward to meeting and talking with all Chamber members.


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