Wisdom Senior Care Aims to Keep Wisdom in the Home

January 8, 2023

Wisdom Senior Care employees

“During Covid, I got the opportunity to kind of be out in the community, making sure seniors had meals.  I realized it was a passion. I enjoyed putting smiles on their faces and giving back.”

About Wisdom Senior Care

Wisdom Senior Care truly is a family affair. Janessa France opened the business in Waxhaw in 2022 with her husband Kenneth and sister-in-law Helene. They provide services that allow seniors to stay in their homes as they are aging.

“Statistically, people do better in their homes as they are aging,” Janessa shared. “We offer any non-medical services to help seniors stay in their homes. We do everything from personal care to cooking, cleaning, transportation, and grocery shopping. We even walk dogs. It’s based around the needs of the client.”

Janessa and her team are grateful for the opportunity to serve others where they live.

“Union County is my home. I was born and raised here, went away to college, and came back.  I love the feeling of everybody knowing everyone. I love my family here and friends. So, who better to serve than the people you know and love and have grown up with?”

The Wisdom Senior Care team understands that there are those in need across the county, even in their own neighborhoods.

“We actually service one of my neighbors.  She rode her little electric wheelchair down to my house one day and said someone told her to talk to me because she needed some help around the house. I had not talked to her before that. It shows how you never know where you will find folks in need of a little help.”

What Clients Can Expect

“We love seniors.  We love helping them stay in their homes. We do value what we do. We are team-centered, so our clients don’t have to worry about callouts. Each client has at least a team of two caregivers that they can rely on.”

That ‘team-centered’ approach is also a family affair.

“My husband’s sister is a nurse practitioner. When I decided to open this business, I asked her and my husband to partner with me. Helene has been doing home health for several years. She brings a wealth of skills. My husband has IT skills. I have Human Services skills, so we all are equal partners in this game. We need each other equally.”

What Celebrity Spokesperson Would You Choose for Wisdom Senior Care?

“I would say Morgan Freeman because he’s got life, vitality, and is caring.”

Last modified: February 21, 2023

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