Union County is a resilient community full of strong, innovative people and businesses.  The current COVID-19 outbreak may have challenged us, but we will make it through, together.  YOUR Union County Chamber understands the impact the current crisis has had on all businesses, especially small businesses. 

Join us for Union County Small Business Strong 2020 to strengthen and support small businesses now. This week-long Virtual Conference includes:

Business Buildersa live panel of subject-matter experts outlining next steps to successfully reopen your business, and a second discussion on managing change led by a dynamic industry leader

Pivot, Don’t Panic – recorded interviews with industry experts and business owners who have found creative ways to thrive in these challenging times

Tools to Rebuild – Resources to empower you to prepare to grow your business again

Register today to shift your thinking and elevate your business beyond the new normal.

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Change Management

Phil Jones,  President of Darnel, Inc., North America is an industry leader with decades of experience dealing with the challenges and changes involved in keeping a business successful. 



He is sharing lessons he’s learned about Change Management from decades of experience in leadership roles at Coca-Cola, HJ Heinz UK, CSM Bakery Solutions, as well as Darnel, Inc.



In particular he will focus on:

Change Management

The Life-cycle of a business

What you can do to keep your business moving forward, even in difficult times.



Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from this dynamic leader with a reputation for consistently delivering outstanding results. 

Critical Customer Communication

As retail shops, restaurants and other organizations emerge from the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, they are likely to face changing customer behavior and attitudes.

What effect these have on your business will depend on how well you understand the changes, and what you do to communicate with your customers and prospects.  


Join YOUR Chamber for a panel discussion on what actions you need to take to prepare for your customers to return.

The Panelists are:

Ann Edmonson, Senior Director of Communications for the North Carolina Retailer Merchants Association sharing on what information your customers need.

Fionix Consulting founder Jessica Graham will give you helpful advice on how to best communicate with your customers.

Shane Fraser, founder of SNA Today, has valuable tips for utilizing social media to reach your customers. 

Reopen Responsibly and Rebound Panel

The COVID-19 outbreak forced many small businesses across the county to close. As the State moves forward with the plan to phase in reopening those businesses, many questions remain. 

We’ve gathered a panel of subject matter experts to help you prepare for what’s ahead. 

The Panelists are:

Trisha Ridenour from The Employers Association will share HR considerations for reopening

Catherine Passaretti, MD, Atrium Health Medical Director for Infection Prevention sharing health and safety preparations

Dennis Joyner – Union County Public Health Director with information o the County’s considerations for Public Health

Fred Edwards,  President and COO Goulston, Inc – with critical considerations to help you develop your reopening plan

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask our experts your own questions. Register today to start your business on the road to recovery.

Business Builder Sponsors:


The innovation and creativity of Union County businesses is stronger than ever as we all deal with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Several Chamber member businesses took the challenges presented head on, and chose to pivot instead of panicking. During Union County Small Business Strong, we will feature several of these enterprising business owners, and the actions they took to strengthen their business despite the challenges they faced. 

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