Mandi’s Tree Care, LLC Takes Care of Trees, and the Community

March 20, 2023

Mandi's Tree Care Team wearing pink shirts.

“I would like people to see me as a fierce woman business owner that was born and bred here.  That loves her community and its trees!”

About Mandi’s Tree Care

Mandi Wolfe founded Mandi’s Tree Care, LLC in 2014 when she realized the corporate world and working for others was not for her.

“I was living in the corporate world and figured out how vicious people are. Being a little country girl and in that environment taught me that I wanted to own my own company. I didn’t know what it was going to be, but I knew I wanted to work for myself!

At 45, 46 years old, I retired from that job. But I got bored, and found myself going to my friend’s houses and working on their yards and trimming their trees. Finally, a good friend told me I should start my own tree company.  I asked her if she had lost her mind. But she reminded me that I grew up in a family of arborists.  It’s amazing how, when you’re raised in an environment, you gain all kinds of knowledge.

So, I worked with my family for years and gained a lot of experience, and then went out on my own. I bought my first little chainsaw, truck, and pink shirts and I’ve been on it ever since.”

If you’ve been in Union County, you may have noticed Mandi’s team, always decked out in PINK. 

Mandi's Tree Care, LLC team and tractor

What Customers Can Expect

Mandi sees her work as more than simply taking care of landscaping.

“I sell services for your trees, but what I really offer is knowledge of one of the oldest living organisms on Earth. At the end of the day, it’s about tree preservation. We want to keep as many trees as we can. There are those that are putting lives in danger and need to come down. But I want to save as many as I can. I’d much rather keep an eye on a tree, and know what’s going on instead of jumping right to cutting it down.”

Over the years, Mandi has grown her business to where she can do what she enjoys most: serving others.

“My ideal client is anyone that is interested in taking care of their trees. I have a lot of clients for who I will come in and do tree maintenance every five to seven years. I am fortunate enough to be selective with my clients. I won’t send my crews to a job if I get a negative vibe. I am here to love everybody. I may have to love you from afar, but my goal is to love everyone and serve others. “

What Celebrity Spokesperson Would You Choose for Mandi’s Tree Care?

“Easy: Kelly Rielly who plays Beth Dutton in Yellowstone. She is direct, to the point, and defends what she loves.”

Last modified: March 20, 2023

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