Legacy Movement Financial Services Aims to Destroy Poverty and Build Legacy

February 22, 2023

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“Our mission statement is to destroy poverty and build legacy one household at a time.”

About Legacy Movement Financial Services, LLC

Tanisha Staton started Legacy Movement Financial Services, LLC in 2015.

“I started my business after my bonus mom passed away. She knew she had insurance. But she wasn’t sure to type and when she passed away, we found out it was accidental. We had to figure out what our new normal was and figure out how to cover her final expenses. If I can help families not experience what we had to, it’s a win.”

Tanisha and her husband Seabern are Managing partners in the financial service practice.  They are dedicated to serving those in their community.

“Union County is where I live. It just made sense to set up shop where you live. If you can’t help the people that you are living around, how are you going to help other people?”

What Clients Can Expect

Clients begin their work with Legacy Movement Financial Services with a policy review.

“Policy reviews are essential because they educate people on what they have.  We have a conversation with people to get an understanding of what they need. If they need life insurance, if they need health insurance, if they’re looking for retirement help, we sit down and have a conversation. It’s not a one size fits all.

We help people with annuities as well. When you retire or leave a company, often your 401K is sitting in the market. When the market goes up, it goes up when the market goes down. It goes down. With an annuity, we’re able to roll it from being a part of the market into something safe where you won’t lose any of the money they worked so hard for. We can assist with that and ensure that your retirement is what you want it to be so that if you don’t want to go back to work, you don’t have to.”

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“I start off by discovering why this is important to them. I’ll ask, ‘If something had happened to you yesterday, would your wife and children have been able to stay in their home?’ I want to go deep enough to find out the heart behind why we’re doing this. I also make sure whatever the solution is, that it is in their budget.  Otherwise, they’re going to look at it as just another bill, versus how we see it; as a way to build a generational legacy.”

“If you come to me with a problem, I’m going to try and find you a solution. I try to make sure whatever the solution is, that it is in their budget.  At the end of the day, if it’s outside of their budget, they’re not going to keep it.”

Tanisha enjoys solving problems for her clients.

“If you come to me with a problem, I’m going to try and find you a solution. Here is a great example. A lot of the companies we work with have living benefits. We had one client who was diagnosed with cancer. There is something called an accelerated death benefit rider, which, if you’re diagnosed with a critical chronic or terminal illness, you can get access to some of those funds while you’re living. Our client was able to get a lump sum that helped her with her treatment, helped her maintain her mortgage helped her take care of her family while she went through treatment.”

What Celebrity Spokesperson Would You Choose for Legacy Movement Financial Service?

“It would be Michelle Obama. She can make anything sound so inviting, and she has a great heart.”

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