Emergency Restoration Xperts Provides a Familiar Face and Support Through the Restoration Process

June 18, 2024

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“We like to give the people a familiar face throughout the process. When you need a restoration company, it’s because of a catastrophe in your home. We try to be there to guide them through the process.”

Emergency Restoration Xperts recently expanded into Union County. YOUR Chamber sat down with General Manager Ian Baker and Marketing Manager Casey Moss to learn more about the services they offer.

About Emergency Restoration Xperts

Emergency Restoration Xperts is a turnkey restoration company. We do everything from the emergency services like tarping to drying out, and cleaning the contents or building back. We’ve had clients who experienced a kitchen fire with smoke damage throughout the house. We clean, repaint, make it new again, and make sure no smell will come back. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we’ve had houses that are totally lost and we’ve rebuilt from the ground up, basically, the shell of the home is intact and we’re putting everything back on the inside. If items in your home or office are damaged, we can often move them out and clean them.

Main services include:

      • » 24/7 Emergency Response  
      • » Water Mitigation  
      • » Fire & Smoke Restoration  
      • » Mold Remediation  
      • » Contents Cleaning & Storage  
      • » Emergency Board-Up  
      • » Trauma & Hoarding Cleanup  
      • » Vandalism/Graffiti Cleanup  
      • » Repairs & Renovations 
      • » Odor Control & Decontamination 

Along with the work we do, we engage our team in efforts to give back. We ran a program to raise money for 3 different charities. So, if an employee got a kudos or good report from a client, we put money in the pot for the charity. But the employee could pick the charity. So, they had a say in it. And the employees really took to it. Some of them even added their own money to the pot. We’ve also had company events to build bicycles for Ronald McDonald House or put together care kits for neighbors who are experiencing homelessness.

What Customers Can Expect from Emergency Restoration Xperts

We pride ourselves in supporting clients through the whole restoration process. We like to give people a familiar face throughout the process. There are restoration companies everywhere. What sets us apart is that we do care. Anyone can say that, but more than just caring for our clients, we care for our employees, instilling that in them that we care about you so therefore you can go out and care about our clients. It’s not just about doing a job and moving on. Our employees want to make sure the client feels like they were taken care of the best that they could be.

We’re here for more than just the rebuild. We are here because we care. We work best with clients who truly want guidance through the restoration process. We also try to educate clients so they can prevent future catastrophes and be prepared for emergency situations.

Some of the best company examples of that involve animals. A client had a fire, and could not find their cat. They even had dogs brought out to search, and couldn’t find the cat. But when our team was doing preliminary work, we lifted a bed and found the cat. Handing that cat over to its owner was one of the best feelings.

Another example of how our employees care for clients was a house fire where the family had their cats, but all the cat food and carriers were in the fire. So our team member went out and bought carriers and food for the cats.

My (Casey’s) aunt actually had a water heater burst within weeks of me starting to work for Emergency Restoration Xperts. It flooded her kitchen, living room, pretty much the entire first floor of her house. I got her in touch with our team and they were able to go out and not only were they able to dry up the water and replace the floors, but they were able to clean and return items from the house that were damaged too. The team was so helpful for her to get everything the way she wanted; even better than what it was originally. That’s what we want to be known for.


Last modified: June 21, 2024

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