Dragonfly Boutique and Marketplace Champions Success for the Store, and the Community

June 1, 2023

Inside of Dragonfly Boutique and Marketplace

“I live in Union County, and thought, what better way to help my community than by opening a business? So here I am.”

What Does Dragonfly Boutique and Marketplace Offer?

Sylvia Figueroa opened Dragonfly Boutique and Marketplace in Indian Trail in 2020. She has grown the business over the past 3 years and is now opening a second location.

“We sell a variety of things from clothing to accessories, handbags, local goods, and handcrafted items. Basically, we have a little bit of everything for everyone. One unique section we have is our steampunk clothes. We have Renaissance clothing, steampunk fairy, and Dragon.

Our marketplace has farmhouse style and vintage furniture and more.Owner and Manager of Dragonfly Boutique and Marketplace

Because of the variety of things we offer, we appeal to a wide customer base. Every client is a good client, because they may walk in not knowing what they want. Or, they come in looking for jeans and a t-shirt and walk out with some furniture or an outfit from the Renaissance.”

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Sylvia has a passion for helping her community, especially other small businesses just starting out.

“We do pop-ups where we invite other small businesses to sell as vendors. We charge a minimal fee because I believe it’s important to support small businesses. There are so many out there trying to grow.

I try to help others in any way I can. For example, I had a woman come in looking for an outfit for a job interview. She didn’t have the funds to buy the one she wanted. So, I gave her the outfit and told her good luck. She came back later to tell me she got the job. Now, it’s not because of the outfit that she got the job, but It’s important when you go for a job interview that you present yourself well, so I couldn’t let her walk out of here without that outfit.

What Celebrity Spokesperson Would You Choose for Dragonfly Boutique and Marketplace?

I would choose Selena Gomez. She supports about 16 different organizations, and half of them are children’s organizations. And prior to my owning my own business, my job was focused on children and supporting children and helping them with their learning process. and growth, and how to learn how to study and do learning do the learning process. Plus, she is a great example of how fashion and clothing are unique. If you look at some outfits, she can go from casual to formal and always look beautiful. So I feel she’s very diverse in her dress. And that’s what we are at Dragonfly.

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