A Guide to Building and Emailing List

September 1, 2022

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 In today’s evolving world of digital growth and prevalent social media presence, email may seem to be an old-fashioned style of communicating with clients. Yet, it remains an effective tool to advertise and speak with a relevant audience. Now while building a substantial email list from scratch may sound like a daunting task, there are three effective tactics used by many to help get you over this hurdle. These strategies aim to create a relevant email subscriber base, allowing you to target your audience more effectively and encouraging more organic growth of your customer base. This guide explores a few tips that you can leverage to build your email list from scratch quickly and efficiently.

Provide Opportunity

The traffic you see visiting your website is a prospective new customer. In recognizing this, it’s essential to provide the opportunity for them to hear and see more of what you have to offer them. You need to make it easy for people to contact you either through contact forms or by joining your list of subscribers. The more opportunities you provide for them to do so, the more likely they are to give you their email address.

Give People Incentives to Sign Up

When looking to build an email list organically, you want to entice people to sign up, namely, give them a reason to want to provide you with their email address. Naturally, they won’t want to do so for nothing. So, creating a lead magnet that encourages them to join is a great way to gain momentum and gather more contacts for your list.

Some ideas include:

      • » Cheat codes
      • » Coupons
      • » Webinar Registration
      • » Free courses or email series
      • » Free eBooks
      • » Templates or Worksheets

Your ideas will need to be centered around what your target audience needs or sees value in, but tapping into how to best offer lead magnets that bring about actual value will incentivize visitors to sign up using their emails.

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Craft CTA’s For Your Website/Landing Page

While it’s unlikely that you’ll have people looking to subscribe to your list on their own, it pays to provide them with various ways in which they can do so through your website or landing page. If you have value to offer, people will appreciate it and won’t feel “forced” to subscribe to your list this way.

It is wise to utilize other options aside from your homepage when aiming to build your list from scratch, and creating a high-converting landing page is an excellent opportunity to increase subscribers. The idea emphasizes the value offered, free shipping, exclusive offers, limited-time sales, and more. Compared to your homepage CTA (Call to Action) this dedicated page is highly focused on converting people and acquiring their emails. Still, it would help if you were mindful that your transition should be seamless and relevant and include key elements to reap the benefits.

Benefits may include:

» Strong headline highlighting the value to users

» Enticing copy meant to capture their attention

» A powerful image to accompany your message

If you can create a clear message with a seamless customer experience, you will likely see a high percentage of new subscribers using these methods.

Create Pop-Ups for Your Website

Anyone who’s been to a site with an overload of pop-up forms knows that for the user, they can be frustrating and off-putting to the most patient of users, so the key here is to keep the user experience in mind when creating yours. When thoughtfully designed, they can be instrumental in crafting your list and should be relevant and well-timed for you and the user. This can look like a pop-up that appears after a user has been on a page for some time, interacted with a specific spot on your page, or may even come as a discount offer for their first purchase. When paired with engaging copy and a sense of value, there are many ways to use pop-ups to grab user attention. You can experiment with what makes sense for your audience and business, including exit intent, inline forms, or even full-page ones.


An organic subscriber list can be a challenging task to take on when looking at it from the start. But through engaging content, offering value to your audience, and a well-thought strategy, market-based tactics can grow your email list and customer base to your desired size.

Last modified: September 1, 2022

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