2022 Reflections from YOUR Chamber Team

December 24, 2022

The end of the year is a time of reflection for many people. For YOUR Chamber Team, we are grateful for the many opportunities to champion business growth and business prosperity in 2022.

To wrap up the year, each team member is sharing what they are most proud of and grateful for this year.

Phillip Faust – Business Development Manager

I am grateful for the Chamber team and the support and encouragement they have given me since I started. I am also grateful for the success of our Annual Awards Gala. Seeing so many familiar and smiling faces marked the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work and business excellence. I am looking forward to 2023.

Jessica Rielly – Director of Programs and Events

 3 years into my role, I still can’t believe I have the privilege of supporting businesses across Union County. I am so proud of the myriad of ways we have helped grow a thriving community. Highlights of 2022 for me include the work we have done to improve our communications to our members through improved newsletters and social media. I am also incredibly proud of the 2023 Leadership Union Class. This was my first full year facilitating an in-person class. I adore this program as it gives those involved the opportunity to see the wonderful opportunities and very real challenges the County faces. The class members this year were so engaged and eager to learn how they can help make the future better for Union County. I know their passion will translate to a better tomorrow for us all.

 Debbie Brasington – Member Services Specialist

My favorite thing about the Chamber is how much fun we have. Whether it is with the team or with the Ambassadors, or at events with members, I enjoy my work. Speaking of Ambassadors, I am grateful for the work they do to help new members find success with the Chamber.

Chamber team tired out

Sarah Cole – Member Services Coordinator

This team, board of directors, and member volunteers has worked tirelessly this year to implement the new strategic initiatives, including supporting a Legislative Agenda that allows us to focus on supporting our members and the business community.

One of the largest initiatives has been the creation of the new member investment packages with transparent prices and tangible benefits; allowing members and prospective members to easily find the best fit for their business.

Kim Vaughn – Director of Operations and Member Services

The Chamber Team worked really hard this year to ensure we are bringing the most value to our members. The creation and implementation of transparent investment packages really allows members to choose what fits the needs of their organization. The process helped us discover areas where we needed to shore up our offerings. So now we have more robust offerings for our members.  I am proud of the improved ways we are serving our members, and those throughout Union County.Chamber team setting up for Golf Tournament

Pat Kahle – President & CEO

I am proud of the work our Chamber accomplished in 2022 and grateful for the many community partners, volunteers, and Chamber members who worked together to make it possible.  There are so many initiatives to reflect on: bringing business leaders into middle school classrooms to expand students’ career exploration, adopting resolutions to support investment in infrastructure and bond referendums to enhance education in our community, hosting a small business roundtable that facilitated small business owners sharing ideas to improve their operations, partnering to present the inaugural Union County Minority Owned Business Makeover, hosting a variety of meetings to discuss solutions to issues our members face every day and connecting businesses with resources, vendors, and potential customers.

However if pressed to identify only one accomplishment I am most proud of or grateful for, it has to be the impact Chamber members are having in our community.  Chamber members have worked tirelessly to build a thriving community: volunteering in classrooms across the county, volunteering at nonprofits providing hands-on services and leadership on Boards, regularly meeting with policymakers about the needs of the business community, promoting and supporting locally-owned small businesses, providing mentorship and opportunity to young leaders, working together on issues Chamber Teamdirectly related to diversity equity and inclusion, workforce development, and economic prosperity for all who live, work and do business in our community.

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