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All law enforcement emergencies call 911. The following towns have their own police,
which can be contacted directly:
Marshville 	  704-624-6767		
Monroe	       704-282-4700
Stallings	    704-821-0300
Waxhaw	       704-843-0353
Wingate	      704-233-1697

All other towns call the Sheriff’s Office: 704-283-8101
State Highway Patrol: 919-733-7952 Monroe office: 704-283-8101

Fire - To report fire county-wide call 911.

Rules of the Road

• Speed limits range from 55 mph to 70          • Driving while impaired rules (DWI) are
  mph on interstates and from 55 mph to           strict. The state blood alcohol level
  65 mph on open highways. The limit is 35        limit is 0.08 percent but motorists can
  mph within city limits unless otherwise         be charged if other drugs affect them.
  posted.                                         Penalties can include fines, imprisonment
                                                  and license revocation.
• Motorcyclists must wear helmets and
  drive with lights on at all times.            • It is unlawful to use a cell phone for
                                                  email or text messages while operating a
• Seat belt use is mandatory for drivers          vehicle.
  and front seat passengers. Children eight
  and younger and weighing less than 80         • Drivers less than 18 years of age are not
  pounds must be restrained in a child            permitted to use a cell phone or any
  safety seat in the back seat, if the vehicle    additional technology associated with
  has an active passenger side air bag and        a cell phone while operating a motor
  a back seat that can hold the safety seat.      vehicle, except for calling 911 in an
  Passengers younger than 16 must use a           emergency.
  seat belt or a safety seat, regardless of
  where they sit.                               *Please see the North Carolina Driver’s
                                                  Handbook for a more information on
• Right turn on red is permitted after a          traffic laws in N.C. It is available at DMV
  complete stop unless otherwise posted.          offices or can be downloaded from
  Left turn on red is not permitted.    

Driver’s License Offices

3122 US 74 West, Monroe, NC 28110               education course. N.C. driver’s licenses are
704-283-4264 |                valid for five years. Apply in person at a
All new residents of North Carolina who         driver’s license office to take the vision, sign
plan to operate a motor vehicle in this state   recognition and written tests. The written
must obtain a driver’s license within 60        and road tests may be waived if a valid
days of establishing a permanent residence      license from another state is presented. If
(30 days for a commercial license). Most        the out-of-state license has been expired
newcomers seek a Class C license for            more than two years, the written and
personal cars and small trucks. Motorcycle      road tests are required. The N.C. Driver’s
riders also need a motorcycle endorsement.      Handbook is available at DMV offices or can
Licensed drivers who are 16 or 17 years old     be downloaded from
must show passage of a state-approved           A Class C license costs $5.00 per year. The
driver education course in their former         motorcycle endorsement is an additional
state; otherwise, they receive a temporary      $2.30 per year, and you must pass a road
license. You may obtain a NC Level 1 permit     skills test. The cost of a Learner Permit is
at 15 after passing an approved driver          $20. | in Union County | Union County Chamber of Commerce | 33
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