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Harvey Clay Nesbit Park is also open at 1304 H.C. Nesbit
Road. Located five minutes south of Waxhaw on Harkey
Road is Cane Creek Park, a 1050-acre Union County
owned park that draws visitors with its 350-acre trophy
bass lake, a beach and swimming area, boats for rental,
miniature golf, campsites and rental cabins. Eight miles
of trails beckon mountain bikers.
Waxhaw has many cultural roots. The Museum of the
Waxhaws is a memorial to President Andrew Jackson,
the Waxhaw Indians, and the Land of the Waxhaws. The
museum offers field trips, group visits, and special events
such as a D-Day Celebration, living history events, gold
panning, civil war reenactments and more. Located just
south of Waxhaw is JAARS—an organization that works
with more than 70 partner organizations worldwide to
provide the tools and training they need to translate the
Bible into thousands of languages. The JAARS Center
offers weekday tours, has a lunch room open to the
public and includes two museums, the Museum of the
Alphabet and the Mexico-Cardenas Museum.
Laden with history, Waxhaw offers not only its historical
district and established neighborhoods, but modern
shopping districts and businesses as well. Newer
housing can be found along Hwy 16 towards Charlotte,
along NC 16 east and west, and along Rehobeth Road.
We encourage visitors to come visit Waxhaw and
discover that life happens here. (704) 843-2195.


The Town of Weddington is located in the
northwestern corner of Union County, approximately
15 miles southeast of the City of Charlotte and 14
miles northwest of downtown Monroe. The Town
encompasses approximately 17 square miles or 11,044
acres. Weddington currently has a population of
approximately 11,500.
The town consists almost entirely of single-family homes
on lots of one acre or more. Its only commercial area is
located in the vicinity of NC 16 and NC 84 and is referred
to as the Town Center. Only 27 of the 11,044 acres
within Weddington are commercially zoned, and they
are all located in what is considered the Town Center.
Weddington Corners Shopping Center is located at the
corner of Providence and Weddington Roads. The Town
Hall also is located in this area within the Town Center
and is a locally designated historic home built in 1894.
The town tax rate is 5.2 cents per $100 valuation.
Taxes help to fund a contractual agreement with the
Union County Sheriff’s office for Sheriff Deputy’s who
are assigned specifically to the Weddington area that
provide additional coverage on top of what is already

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