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Many newcomers arrive here with horses           Stallings                                     for family walks in the neighborhood,
in tow. Mineral Springs is proud to be                                                         sounds of the city for children’s laughter
the home of Brooklandwood, the rolling,          Our growth has been rapid, but we have        in the park, and corporate meetings for
prestigious Charlotte Steeplechase track.        retained the small town character that        socializing at the high school football game.
Each April, the Queen’s Cup attracts             defines the cherished meaning of the          We are both natives and newcomers.
over 20,000 visitors. Mineral Springs is         phrase “hometown.” As we have evolved &       We cherish our separate and unique
also home to numerous horse breeding,            grown, we have preserved our independent      neighborhoods and the tight-knit
training, and boarding facilities of all sizes.  spirit & sometimes stubborn tenacity,         community they create. We rally around
Building upon an existing network of horse       a resolve that led our founders to band       our children’s schools as they continue
trails, the Mineral Springs Greenway is a        together rather than be claimed by another    to be some of the best in the region. No
mixed-use trail system open to hikers and        community, one that is still seen in the      matter whom we are or where we come
joggers, horseback riders, and mountain          organizations nurturing our schools and       from, the thread that binds us together is
bikers. The parking area is located at 6214      shaping our future.                           our love of family, our love of connection,
McNeely Road. The longest trail is just less     Established in 1975, we are very young        and our love of community, this community,
than two miles closely following the Wolf        by most standards, and we welcome new         a special place known as Stallings, with
and Bates Branches. Our multi-use trails         neighbors who share our desire for small      everything we need at a pace we can enjoy.
are open to the public from ½ hour before        town charm with an unrivaled quality of       Being a member of this community truly
sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.                  life.                                         means you are part of something special,
Mineral Springs began holding an annual          We enjoy the benefits of big-city commerce    and in a sense, we are the standard of what
festival in 2015 featuring local talent, craft   and culture, but exist as an oasis in a fast  good communities look like. (704) 821-
and food vendors and a children’s play           paced metro. We trade traffic congestion      8557.
area, which includes a bounce house. The
festival is held on the second Saturday in                                                     Live continued on page 26
September. (704) 243-0505.

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