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U nion County shares a mix of country charm and                                         Population Data
           proximity to urban convenience. Its historic
           buildings and old-fashioned main streets share                               Population Change for Union
the same page with new housing developments and                                         County and its Municipalities
bustling department stores. Union County’s growth rate
has remained steady for the past few years, making Union                                (Source: U.S. Census Bureau, N.C. Office
County the 8th fastest growing county in the state.                                     of State Budget and Management)

Our population is expected to grow to approximately 250,000 by the year 2019.           		                2010	    2016	
While anticipating plans for ever-improving infrastructure and projects like the        Municipality	     Census	  Estimate	
Monroe Bypass, Union County looks to preserve its heritage.                             Fairview	         3,324	   3,612
The birthplace of Andrew Jackson is also the home of beautiful and natural areas        Hemby Bridge	     1,520	   1,712
like Cane Creek Park and Brooklandwood, home of the Charlotte Queen’s Cup               Indian Trail	     33,518	  38,222
Steeplechase. The county has plenty to offer and welcomes newcomers to enjoy its        Lake Park	        3,422	   3,756
unique quality of life.                                                                 Marshville	       2,402	   2,655
Newcomers who want to share the future by putting down roots here find a myriad         Marvin	           5,579	   6,377
of options, from traditional two-story homes to historic mansions, from sprawling       Mineral Springs	  2,639	   2,945
ranch-style abodes to cozy farm houses and country estates with barns and stables.      Monroe	           32,797	  34,818
Whatever you select, you’ll find reasonable housing prices here; in fact, you may       Stallings	        13,432	  15,378
discover your dollars go a bit further than they did in your old hometown. Or, if you   Unionville	       5,929	   6,585
prefer, you’ll find plenty of new upscale construction, especially in western Union     Waxhaw	           9,859	   14,194
County near Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw and Wesley Chapel.                               Weddington	       9,452	   10,642
The Carolina Multiple Listing Service (CMLS) lists Union County as Area 10. The Union   Wesley Chapel	    7,463	   8,596
County Board of Realtors has divided that into five sub areas, four in the county and   Wingate	          3,491	   3,915
the fifth in Monroe. For more information on what these areas offer, ask your realtor.
After you read these brief profiles of Union County’s towns, drive around and get to    Union County 	 201,291	 226,606
know the area. You’re sure to discover the perfect home for you.
                                                                                        Union County Median Household Income
20 | | in Union County | Union County Chamber of Commerce        (2017): $65,903
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